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‘THE GARDEN’ is a comedy/adventure show aimed at children ages 3-8 years old and is centered around the Christian teachings of Jesus Christ. 


Kids will have a great time following along with the adventures of LENNY (a fun, impulsive lion) and LUCY (a smart, practical lamb) who live in a magic garden where literally ANYTHING can grow! Their days start by hearing from THE BOSS (God) who gives them an assignment but, try as they might, they usually mess it up.  Yet, through biblical stories, awesome songs and the teaching of God’s word they quickly learn how to fix the issue and come out victorious in the end!


“THE GARDEN” is the perfect animated show for Christian parents who want to teach their children the truth of God’s word and have an amazing fun time while doing so. So come on! Join Lenny Lion and Lucy Lamb as they plant seeds the seeds of God’s word!


“THE GARDEN” – it’s where the Gospel grows!